The Gingrich RX

Since leaving Congress in 1999, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich has remained involved in public policy debate through the Center for Health Transformation.

A believer in a free market solutions to the very large problem that is the US healthcare system, Gingrich actively promotes his ideas through articles, public appearances and Saving Lives & Saving Money, a book he co-authored with Nancy Desmond.

If you focused on saving lives, you would in fact in the long run save money because healthier people require less expensive care. And by definition if you have better prevention and better wellness and better testing and better early intervention and better compliance, you have a lot less expensive acute care, and you have fewer long-term conditions of chronic co-morbidies which are, in fact, the large drives of health costs.

We emphasized that the trick was to start by focusing on health rather than on health care and to focus on the condition of health rather than on the cost. If you focus on the condition you in fact would have a substantial effect on the cost.

Central to Gingrich’s thinking is the transformative effects science and technology will have on the future of the industry, and how the market, not the government, is the most capable driver of that change.

With this as background, Gingrich describes five premises that will affect the future of Medicaid.

About this Video

This video is from Consumer Health World, held December 2006 in Washington DC. Those interested in purchasing sessions from the conference, can do so here.

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