Convenient Care: Retailers Providing Healthcare Services

One of the newest and most talked about trends in consumer health is the merging of retail locations and health centers. The attributes of choice, convenience and control are now called Convenient Care.

Convenient care has enjoyed rapid growth in the past year. The most important constituent is the consumer, and convenient care clinics have been monitoring patient satisfaction, one metric they should be judged by.

There are three reasons why consumers are embracing convenient care:

1. There is an opportunity for the consumer to take control of their health and wellness;
2. It provides convenience;
3. It provides time efficiency.

The transparency of price that consumers experience at convenient care clinics should be embraced throughout the healthcare system.

There are three reasons why retailers are embracing convenient care:

1. Extend the retail brand in terms of loyalty and trust;
2. Drive traffic to retail locations;
3. Increase sales of OTC, Pharmacy products, etc.

It is important for convenient care clinics to set a standard for quality. They are not meant to replace primary care facilities, but rather to fill a void in the system. Convenient care clinics can bridge a socio-economic divide that exists in America.


Hal Rosenbluth, Convenient Care Association and Take Care Health Systems
Web Golinkin, ReadiClinics
Mark Goodman, Sam’s Club
Mike Marolt, Eq-Life / Best Buy
Joseph Calomo, Walgreens Health Systems
Moderator: Wendy Borow-Johnson, Healthy Living Channel

This convenient care panel discussion was a part of the Consumer Direct Access to Healthcare and Retailization event at the Consumer Health World Conference in Washington DC. If you are interested in purchasing audio from the entire Consumer Health World Conference, please visit our online conference multimedia store.

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