Celebrating The Healthcare Entrepreneur

Gary Ahlquist, senior vice president with Booz Allen Hamilton, presents specialized perspectives, including the strategy-driven transformation of insurance companies, health plans, and health providers.

“It’s clear that the future of health care in the U.S. will be consumer-centric, but exactly how this will play out is still coming into
focus,” Ahlquist says in a recently co-authored paper entitled Health Care’s Retail Solution. “The evolving model will be influenced by a number of factors, including retail health experiments now unfolding in other countries, as well as by the experiences of other consumer-driven industries such as retailing and banking. What is certain is that the health-care landscape is undergoing a profound alteration that will change the dynamics of all the industries connected to it.”

This presentation was from the Consumers for Health Care Choices annual board meeting.

CHCC is a 501(C)4 not-for-profit grass roots organization that represents the views of the health care consumer to policy makers and industry leadership . The membership consists of consumers from all walks of life, and all professions from across the nation.

Members with expertise in health care issues are encouraged to take an active role in the organization’s efforts— giving speeches, writing articles, op-eds, and letters to the editor on behalf of the empowered health care consumer.

This organization is guided by some of the most well-known and prestigious individuals in the Consumer Health Care movement.

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