Bionanotechnology II: Drug Delivery – Ola Nerbrink

Recent Trends in Nanodrug Delivery – Innovative Technologies and Commercial ViabilityOne of the greatest impacts of nanomedicine is likely to take place in the context of drug delivery, which is poised to deliver to the market both evolutionary and revolutionary nanomedicines and devices.
Early forecasts for nanomedicine commercialization are encouraging.

However, there are challenges as well – formidable legal, policy, ethical and regulatory questions as well as emerging thickets of overlapping patent claims. Currently, patent systems are under greater scrutiny and strain, with patent offices around the world continuing to struggle with evaluating the swarm of nanomedicine-related patent applications.

Given this backdrop, it is natural to question whether advances in the laboratory will result in viable commercial products that benefit society.

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Ola Nerbrink PhD obtained a Bachelors degree in chemistry/physics from Lunds University in Sweden in 1981, a Licentiate degree in Occupational Hygiene with emphasis on inhalation topics from Lund University in 1997 and, in 2001, he finalized a PhD in Occupational Medicine from Karolinska Institute in Stockholm.

Dr. Nerbrink has been active in the pharmaceutical field for more than 20 years. He was employed at AstraZeneca R&D Lund in 1985 where he worked with aerosol related development in the pre-clinical and pharmaceutical area as a Laboratory Scientist and later on as a Research Scientist. The emphasis lay on development and characterization of inhalation systems used by humans and in in-vivo animal models used in laboratory applications. These inhalation systems were based on DPIs, nebulizers and pMDIs.

Since 1986, he was employed as an Associate Director and then Principal Scientist where he focused mainly on novel powder and liquid device development at the pharmaceutical department of AstraZeneca, with specific emphasis on current and future liquid aerosolization technology. Since 2002 he is has been at Novo Nordisk Pharmaceuticals in Hillerd as a Principal Scientist where he works with research/development of atomization systems for inhalation purposes.

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