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Reporting AIDS is a recurring series that focuses on the people, policies and issues facing the global community. Shows appear twice a month with in-depth interviews conducted by host John Mikytuck.

Past episodes can be viewed here., a website that fights AIDS denialism and presents the scientific evidence that HIV causes AIDS, was founded to “expose the denialist propaganda campaign for what it is, in order to prevent further harm being done to individual and public health.”

It was founded by concerned scientists and community advocates working to end the AIDS epidemic around the globe. Two of the co-founders of the site, Dr. John Moore, Weill Medical College of Cornell University, and Dr. Jeanne Bergman, The Center for HIV Law and Policy in New York City, join Reporting AIDS host John Mikytuck to discuss and their work fighting AIDS denialism.

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  1. Dear readers, when someone such as the two fools interviewed in this video tell you there is only one side to an issue, namely their own, you better roll up your pants and put on your boots as quick as you can.

    To begin with, the host, John Mikytuck, introduces these two politicians as doctors: Dr. Moore and Dr. Bergman. But they ain’t medical doctors. These two have NEVER medically or even psychologically dealt with ill or healthy HIV patients. They simply have PHD’s and you don’t even know what their PHD was even in! “Doctor” Bergman is a lawyer, with a P”iled” H”igher & D”eeper” PHD in law at the New York HIV Law Center that relies on funding from pharma companies. Moore is the recipient of AIDS drug manufacturer Bristol-Myers Squibb’s $500,000 “Freedom To Discover” grant and the man HIV dissidents refer to as the most “unashamed” spokesperson for the AIDS establishment.

    Moore says their is no dispute that HIV causes AIDS “among the serious credible scientists”. What a joke. So if you happen to disagree with him, you simply are not serious or credible??? There are hundreds if not thousands of quite serious credible medical doctors and bio scientists that quite vehemently disagree with Moore’s well paid political stance that HIV is the cause of AIDS. Check the list for yourself at the “” website. It includes more than 1000 medical doctors and bio researchers, including Nobel Laureates who disagree with “doctor” Moore.

    “doctor” Bergman, tries her best to paint the top dissidents as somehow rascist and homophobic. Nice try Bergie! But who are you kidding besides yourself? I am a gay man with a black lover who regularly enjoys the company and the friendship of some of the TOP DISSIDENTS who you call rascist and homophobic! I talk to Peter Duesberg and Harvey Bialy quite often, as well as David Rasnick and Charles Geshekter and Henry Bauer, and several of the other leading dissident scientists. They are more supportive of me and my black lover than anyone else I know including my own birth family! Does Bergman really think that Bialy and Duesberg and Black Historian and AIDS dissident Charles Geshekter and David Rasnick are rascist? What a load of crap! They are all willing and unpaid appointees of the South African Presidential AIDS Commission for chrissake! Rasnick and Geshekter and Bialy have DONATED (Hey Bergie, that means, unlike yourself and dr. Moore, unpaid for their services), many months of their lives in assisting health issues throughout Africa!

    Pharma funded doctor Moore tries to show some animations and pictures of who knows what from who knows where as some kind of proof of HIV. What a joke! How does he know what these are pictures of? The dissident scientists say HIV has NEVER even been isolated from a human host, let alone proven to be the cause of AIDS, and that these jokers don’t have a clue if their pictures are of HIV or syphillis or who knows what.

    At least Bergie admits that the “Hit Hard Hit Early” treatment of the late 90′s was a huge mistake, but she fails to mention the greatest mistake of all, which was the 10 years of High Dosage AZT monotherapy that was given to all HIV positives from 1987 to 1997. The average patient taking that poison lived 8 months to 1-1/2 years! Now there are 300,000 gay men that are dead from it including many of my friends! And by the way, 300,000 is FIVE TIMES the number who were killed in Vietnam. All I can say is Bergie should be voted among the top enemies of the gay and black communities! With drug pusher Doctor Moore right beside her!

    Moore warns us that the stuff found on the internet is disinformation, lies, and distortion. Does that include his AIDSTRUTH internet site? You betcha it does!

    Bergie says the black community has had a long tragic relationship to medicine and science, and is justifiably suspicious since the Tuskeegee experiments, but “this time is different”. Who is she kidding? This time it is even worse, because liver failure, directly related to who is taking the HAART drugs, is currently the leading cause of death among those told they are HIV positive.

    The host asked “doctor” Moore “Are there studies that show the difference between those treated with AIDS drugs and those who are untreated? Moore, carefully ignores this simple yes/no question (which by the way the true answer is NO there are no studies of untreated versus treated) and Moore goes back into drug pusher mode with his answer: “There are multiple studies that show the benefits of antiretroviral therapies”. Yeah, of course there are, and they are all done by the very drug companies that are pushing these poisons! There certainly ain’t no studies out there done by any independent non drug company paid groups!

    Bergie goes on to say that “the prime leaders of the denialist movement are overwhelmingly heterosexual, white males who are highly educated, very elite, and most are remarkably hostile to communities of color, african Americans, and gays and lesbians”. Well, just who the hell does she think is running the mainstream 10 billion dollar HIV research thing? Blacks and gays? No indeed, just the very same white/hetero/educated/elite such as Doctor Moore who is sitting right beside her! Not to mention Dr. Gallo of the NIH, Tony Fauci-the head of NIAIDS, and ALL of the US GOVERNMENT HIV researchers and big pharma HIV drug developers. They are all exactly what she says the dissidents are! This woman is seriously in denial!

    The host asks Moore and Bergie if their AIDSTRUTH site is funded by the drug companies. Of course they answer with a “No, it is not funded by drug company money”, but conveniently leave out the fact that both of their own day job paychecks DO COME FROM the drug companies. And Moores most recent check was a straight up cool half million dollars from AIDS drug manufacturer Smith Kline!

    But “doctor” Moore tops it all off when he says: “As a scientist, I find it hugely offensive that there is disinformation, distortion, and lies peddled by people with PHD’s and MD’s who are at least in theory scientists. I them in deep contempt for the perversion of the science that they try to pass to others. They are the people responsible for this death and destruction”.

    What a laugh. He must be talking about himself in this one, but obviously is to enthralled with his half million to listen to his own advice for even a moment. Just remember dr. Moore, when you point at others there are three of your own fingers pointing back at your own self!

  2. Notice the comment that micronutrients are quack remedies. This is esentially false, and couldn’t be farther from the truth. Even though micronutrient studies are numerous in the peer reviewed medical literature, the role of micronutrients such as selenium has been largely ignored by the mainstream medical system.

    Recent studies have implicated selenium deficiency as a key to AIDS pathogenesis. It is well known that the HIV genome encodes for glutathione peroxidase which causes selenium deficiency (1).

    HIV positive patients who are supplemented with cheap inexpensive, nontoxic selenium tablets, have 30% less hopitalization (2)

    and show dramatic improvements in CD4 cell count and HIV reduction by PCR measurements. (3)

    This improvement in CD4 cell count and surrogate markers with selenium is much more impressive than any of the HAART drug cocktail studies, none of which are REALLY placebo-controlled.

    An excellent review article on all micronutrients and HIV can be found here in the mainstream literature. (4)

    For a non-toxic cost effective approach, this makes sense. Diagnostic testing for selenium, B12, and other micronutrients is straight forward with blood testing with the large national labs like Quest and Labcorp.

    Organic Acid testing is available with US Biotek, Great Plains, Genova, Metametrix. Organic Acids are commonly used for diagnosis of nutritional deficiencies in autistic kids, and are quickly becoming the latest cutting edge method for evaluating nutritional deficiencies in adults and kids.

    Supplementation with selenium is a no-brainer. It is non-toxic and cheap. Other micronutrients such as B12, and vitamin C are mentioned in the review article.

    It is well known that malnutriton is a direct cause of immune-suppression, which in fact, is the definition of AIDS. Depletion of key nutrients like selenium could be a possible mechanism which could explain why HIV could produce a syndrome indistinguishale from starvation in Africans, and North American drug abusers who are already suffering from malnutrition. It could also explain why well nourished non-drug users who are HIV positive become long term non-progressors. They are better nourished and better able to withstand micronutrient deficiencies.

    This information is available in the public domain and is not original by any means.

    (1)Biochemistry, Molecular modeling and in vitro activity of an HIV-1-encoded glutathione peroxidase Lijun Zhao et al. PNAS June 6, 2000 vol. 97 no. 12 6356-6361

    (2)HIV Clin Trials. 2002 Nov-Dec;3(6):483-91.Impact of a selenium chemoprevention clinical trial on hospital admissions of HIV-infected participants.

    (3)Suppression of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 Viral Load With Selenium Supplementation, A Randomized Controlled Trial, Barry E. Hurwitz, PhD Arch Intern Med. Jan 27, 2007;167:148-154.

    (4) American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Vol. 85, No. 2, 333-345, February 2007 REVIEW ARTICLE

  3. Dr. John Moore of Weil Medical College, one of the featured speakers in the 2006 International Toronto AIDS Conference is an enigmatic character. He is funded by big pharma to make microbicides (spermicides) to be smeared on the genitals of Africans because of the institutionalized racism that has come to characterize the AIDS establishment’s programs, both in the poor areas of America’s inner cities, and in foreign nations where drugs and vaccines are dumped on populations too poor to afford basic infrastructure (the Constant Gardener effect I call it). In a talk he gave at the conference about his work, which involves inseminating rhesus macaques up to 5 times after smearing a spermicide cream in their vaginas to prevent “SIV infections,” he suggested that these “HAIL MARY” experiments hold great promise and could solve the “AIDS apocalypse” in Africa and elsewhere. He also insinuated that multiple inseminations of his monkeys model the frequent sexual activity that goes on in places like Africa.

    Not being Catholic, I didn’t quite understand at first what was meant by the term “HAIL MARY experiments.” To rigorously prove his “SIV-fighting” microbicide worked, I gathered that HAIL-MARYING his monkeys and inseminating them 4-5 times represented the fact that his microbicide “absolves” the monkeys of contracting “SIV,” as one would if a Catholic perhaps were “absolved of sin” after saying “HAIL MARY” numerous times as penance?

    Although “SIV” has always been a better model of “HIV” than “HIV,” a critic might suggest Moore try Human “HIV,” perhaps with dogs, cows, goats, sheep (Willman et al., Heterophile Antibodies to Bovine and Caprine Proteins Causing False-Positive Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 and Other. Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay Results. Clinical and Diagnostic Laboratory Immunology, p. 615-616, Vol. 6, No. 4, July 1999; Strandstrom et al., Studies with canine sera that contain antibodies which recognize human immunodeficiency virus structural proteins Cancer Res 1990 Sep 1;50 17 Suppl :5628S-5630S); or perhaps he should try using non-infected “HIV-positive” monkeys, chimps, and humans that have naturally occurring “HIV” sequences (Horwitz MS, Boyce-Jacino MT, Faras AJ. Novel human endogenous sequences related to human immunodeficiency virus type 1. J Virol. Apr; 66(4):2170-9, 1992). Although none of these animals or humans develop AIDS although “HIV” surrogate markers and nucleic acids can be detected in them, neither do Moore’s monkeys, since he is inseminating them with “SIV.”

    While Moore can get up at an international AIDS conference and talk about Hail Marying his monkeys, and at a session for “responsible journalism,” he can maliciously lie about persons who have tested inconsistently “HIV” positive no less than 6 times, and advocate how they and their children should be forced by the state, Nazi-like, to follow his and his AIDS/pharma dictates, it should be emphasized that after at least one microbicide campaign (funded by The Gates foundation), even the CDC claimed that spermicides developed by the Moores of this world don’t reduce any risk of transmission but actually increased the rate of “HIV” infection (Maggie Fox. Spermicide worsens HIV risk, study finds. Reuters 12 July 2000):

    “South Africa — Researchers hoping to find a way for women to protect themselves from AIDS have said they were dismayed to find that a product they thought may prevent infection actually increased the risk.

    The product, a spermicide called nonoxynol-9, did not protect prostitutes in Benin, Ivory Coast, Thailand and South Africa from infection with HIV, a team of U.N.-sponsored researchers said.

    “We were dismayed to find out that the group using the N-9 gel had a higher rate of HIV infection than the group using a placebo,” Dr Joseph Perriens, who heads the UNAIDS microbicide effort, told an AIDS conference Wednesday.

    They tested nearly 1,000 women and found 59 of those who used the spermicide became infected with HIV, compared to 41 of those who used a dummy gel.

    “We were extremely disappointed,” Lut van Damme, a researcher at the Institute of Tropical Medicine in Antwerp who led the study, told a news conference.

    She said researchers may be forced to suspend other trials involving the product, marketed under the trade name Advantage S by U.S.-based Columbia Laboratories Inc.

    “The long-term safety of nonoxynol-9 as a family planning method may have to be re-evaluated,” she said.

    Activists and researchers have been clamoring for the development of a microbicide — a gel or cream sometimes described as an “invisible condom” — that women and men could use to protect themselves not only from HIV, but from other sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis and gonorrhea.

    “I think this may be the end of nonoxynol-9 as a potential microbicide,” Van Damme said, although she said the trials did show that women — in this case prostitutes at high risk of HIV infection — would use a microbicide if one was available.

    CDC Expresses Concern

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said it was concerned by the findings because some groups advise people to use nonoxynol-9 to protect themselves from HIV if they cannot use a condom.

    “I think it’s pretty clear we have to tell men who have sex with men not to use it,” Dr. Lynn Paxton, a microbicides expert at the CDC, said in an interview.

    “I think they are most at risk and I know they are using it.” She said it was less clear whether women who use nonoxynol-9 as a contraceptive — women who are not at risk of getting HIV — should avoid it.

    “One possible reason for the findings was that the women who used the spermicide had more lesions than the women who did not,” Van Damme said.

    “If you use nonoxynol-9 (to protect from HIV), you are probably wasting your money. You may possibly be wasting your life,” Perriens said. But, he added: “There is nothing in this trial to suggest you should stop using it as a spermicide.”

    UNAIDS said it was pressing for the development of other products.

    “We know that there are more products to come,” Perriens said. “This shouldn’t be the end of the field… One of the things holding up development, increasingly, is a lack of private sector interest in this area.”

    The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation said it would try to help with a $25 million grant for microbicide research.”

    Fortunately, these “AIDS denialists” at the CDC are no longer hampering work or being pessimistic about this “important area” of spermicide development as they have in the past. And last year, Bill and Melinda Gates said during their keynote addresses at the 16th International AIDS Conference opening ceremony in Toronto that:

    “A total of 16 microbicides — a gel or cream used to block infection — are currently being evaluated. Of those, five are in major advanced studies. Drug trials into oral prevention drugs are also underway.”

    At the conference, Melinda Gates further encouraged researchers and politicians alike to move past the stigma of HIV/AIDS:

    “Stigma is so cruel,” she said. “It’s also irrational. Stigma makes it easier for political leaders to stand in the way of saving lives.”

    The couple last week announced that their foundation would contribute $500 million over five years to fight HIV-AIDS, and met with Bill Clinton, the former U.S. president, to present their priorities for ending the epidemic.”

    This year, even the Journal of Clinical Investigation has set off the alarm bells for these microbicides made by racists/ scientific hacks like Moore and his pharma-backed ilk.

    J. Clin. Invest. 117:1116 (2007). doi:10.1172/JCI32291.
    Copyright ©2007 by the American Society for Clinical Investigation

    Microbicide trial screeches to a halt
    Karen Honey

    “A phase III clinical trial to test the effectiveness of the HIV microbicide Ushercell was recently stopped because interim analysis indicated that the rate of infection with HIV in women using the microbicide was higher than the rate of infection in those using the placebo.”

    All of this research, and damage done to Africans and poor inner city African Americans and gay people, or people who are convinced that “HIV” is a death sentence, is reminiscent of the Nazi era of medical experimentation on human beings, that often occurred without any biological basis, or even grounding in common sense. How many more trials will be needed before those responsible for these crimes against humanity, led by the Moores of this world, will be investigated and stopped?

    Hail Mary indeed!


    Andrew Maniotis

  4. The host asks the intrepid Moore, “why are you doing this thing”? “Oh, just as a hobby”, he mutters. For a supposed epidemic, the horror of it, the likes of which the world has never seen and he’s doing it as a hobby? God help humanity from this Moore and his ilk.

  5. An infomercial?!!? AIDS scientists are now producing amateur, cheesy informercials?!!?

    Where is Kevin Trudeau when you really need him?

    Watching these two boring, conservative, grinning bozos spouting off platitudes to a “paid” moderator was something to behold. I thought I was watching Peter Tork and Mickey Dolenz of the Monkeys on late night t.v, selling Time-Life 50′s rock and roll compilations…

    …This is really, really, really pathetic on several levels.

  6. John, there is no doubt in my mind that you are a genuinely concerned person who wishes to help others as best as possible with what you yourself believe is true and best. Otherwise you would not be doing your series on HIV/AIDS issues. I personally believe the public, and especially our HIV diagnosed gay and black brethren, deserve to hear all sides of this issue, not just one side. The vast majority of those diagnosed as HIV positive are full adults with more than 90 percent being over the age of 35. I am quite sure these people are old enough and mature enough to make their own decisions. They deserve to hear both sides both sides of the AIDS debate, and deserve to be made aware of all sides of the issue and be able to make their own decisions about their own health. Wouldn’t you yourself want to hear all sides to a health issue before deciding on your own treatment with drugs that are very potent with many side effects including death? I also think that to do any less than present both sides is a disservice to all of mankind. I believe the vast majority of press is quite guilty of such disservice. Especially including the gay media which has profited quite well from the many pages of HIV drug ads in most every issue in most all of the gay press and magazines.

    I do not believe that the issue of HIV/AIDS is or was ever a “one size fits all” proposition. It never has been, as can be verified from the fact that in Boston alone, they were able to quickly find 1000 long term nonprogressors who have never taken the HIV drugs and yet remain well and healthy. Very little has been done to look at this group, which may well be nearly 1/2 of American HIV positives. What little has been done has only been to attempt to find out if there were chemical differences in their blood that the pharma companies could somehow possibly benefit from. There have been absolutely no studies in 25 years on behavioral, lifestyle, nutritional, or emotional differences. There is no money to be made by big pharma from finding out such facts. Any researcher attempting to do so would be blocked from the start by the grant givers of the NIH as it would potentially destroy the funding of 99.9% of other virologist and pharma research lines of study. I also think that one of the main reasons nothing else has been studied with the Long Term NonProgressors, is because it makes the AIDS orthodoxy look quite bad when there are so very many who have been diagnosed with HIV, yet remain healthy for decades. It also creates the very obvious problem for the orthodoxy that the dissident scientists may be quite right after all that HIV is most probably not the causative factor in the immune suppression AIDS. As such, these long term nonprogressors have understandably been a major threat and embarrasment to the mainstream HIV scientists.

    If the idea of presenting both sides of this issue is either repulsive or “scary” to you, perhaps you should ask yourself why or if those beliefs are rational.

    If you are interested in presenting both sides, I assure you that the dissident scientists are and have always been quite easily accessible. Even Dr. Duesberg’s email is listed right on his website at , and I myself would be more than glad to give you the personal email addresses of many of the dissident scientists if you would like to contact any of them, even though most are fairly easy to find right on the internet.

  7. John and all,

    Take notice of the 3rd person who left a comment above, Andrew Maniotis. Just google his name and see for yourself who he is, and whether you find him to be an integrous scientist and researcher, or just some crazy elite homophobic man with a PHD on some kind of deviate agenda.

    And after you google his name for background, check out this YouTube video that has just been done that features Dr. Andrew Maniotis, PHD:

    Media such as YouTube and the internet are the only ways these people can even get to be heard.

    Also, I noticed that near the end of your interview with Drs. Moore and Bergman, you yourself mentioned that when you were approached to do this interview, that although you had vaguely heard a bit about the issue, you really hadn’t given it a second thought until being approached to do this piece. You went on to say that “I questioned whether there were areas that journalists, and I myself, were missing”. I hope you will consider that moment of awareness yet further.

    I myself, after in depth researching the dissident issue for the past 7 years, couldn’t help but but smile and wonder if you weren’t trying to tell your own self something rather profound with that statement.

    You may not have realized it, but there has been a virtual mainstream media blackout on anything the dissidents have attempted to bring forth. Part of this is due to a fear of backlash from ome in the gay community such as the ActUp groups and other AIDS advocacy groups, and part is probably due to desires to be politically correct and sympathetic for those affected, yet some of this blackout has come from government health authorities as well. The blackout on the subject of the AIDS dissidents began back in the Late 80′s as a reaction to the piece published by Dr. Peter Duesberg in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science in 1987, and became so obviously apparent when in the early 90′s, Tony Fauci, who is still the director of the NIH AIDS programs, showed up at Larry King Live, and Good Morning America to demand that he be aired, instead of their scheduled interviews of Peter Duesberg and his very early on “dissident” views. Fauci also made a statement to the press at that time, that basically said that any journalists presenting the dissident views would find their access to government science cut off. But the free and ready access of the modern internet is not something the orthodoxy could control. And so the dissident issue is growing on the net in leaps and bounds.

    Besides the actions of President Mbeki of South Africa, the Harpers piece by Celia Farber, “Out of Control-AIDS and the Corruption of Medical Science” published last March was the dissident’s first breakthough since the late 80′s. Out of fear and horror of the dissident side being further presented, it was in response to this Harpers piece that Moore et al started their AIDSTRUTH website. As you can see from the comments in this thread, it is not going so well for the orthodoxy.

    So it is certainly understandable that you yourself, as well as the rest of the world, have heard little of the dissident aspects or issues through the years, until now.

    I would also have to say yes indeed, to answer your own question if media has been missing something. There are some rather large elements of all this that media has reported on and listened to only one side, yet completely ignored or simply handwaved away from their mind the other sides of the issues without investigating it in any unbiased way while they uncritically and unthinkingly accept all that the orthodoxy says on the subject of HIV and AIDS.

    This perhaps, is the greatest reason that the dissidents and dissident scientists are becoming ever more vocal, and why the orthodoxy itself is becoming so afraid of them that the orthodoxy themselves are now coming to the media to plead their case that they are the pure of heart good guys and it is all those evil rascist and homophobic dissidents who must be stopped and ignored.

  8. By all means, check out the aidstruth website. There is no definitive proof that HIV causes AIDS that I could find, much the same is true of the NIH and CDC “proofs”. When folks like this are interviewed, the first question should be to have them explain what exactly what the mechanism of HIV is that results in the immune deficiency. AIDS is not a disease. It is a syndrome. The two are very different.

    I particularly like the caption following AIDS denialist Kary Mullins – chemist. True, but a bit of an understatement when identifying the Nobel Prize winner for the tool, PCR, that made the “discovery” of HIV possible.

  9. By all means, check out the aidstruth website. There is no definitive proof that HIV causes AIDS that I could find, much the same is true of the NIH and CDC “proofs”. When folks like this are interviewed, the first question should be to have them explain exactly what the mechanism of HIV is that results in the immune deficiency. AIDS is not a disease. It is a syndrome. The two are very different.

    I particularly like the caption following AIDS denialist Kary Mullins – chemist. True, but a bit of an understatement when identifying the Nobel Prize winner for the tool, PCR, that made the “discovery” of HIV possible.

  10. I remember watching the Toronto AIDS Conference where a member of the medical journal “The Lancet” Scolded John Moore (and others on the panel)for the DESPERATE “truthiness’ website and for Bad Mouthing Dr Manto Tshabalala-Msimang.

    People who actually dig deeper can see the Desperation and the Sedistic Voodo that illuminates from the website. I usually reccommend everyone take a peak at their website because it’s up to the potential victim to decide for themselves and allow these celf centered Scientists to EXPOSE themselves for what they truly are.

    The HIV Industry has a desperate need to stay in Business and to never produce a “cure” because no one is being saved while HIV clinics across the world Invite new members to join them.(Deceptive HIV Testing).

    In the “Straight ” world Everyone is bored of AIDS and in the “Gay” world everyone is Possessed by HIV rather than infected. Ancedotal stories of people walking on water due to these “Life Threatening” or “Life Ending” Toxic Poisons is disgusting where this Illusion of continuous brainwashing defines a bigger fool.

    They call us “Denialists” is this suppose to hurt? no way! If they say HIV causes AIDS then Im a Denialist! If they say $5.00 Rat Poisons “Controls” HIV Infection then Im a Denialist! If they say that they have a Valid blood test for HIV with a complete “Gold Standard” then Im a Denialist!

    Some One wrote: ” It is Better to be hated for telling the Truth than to be loved for telling a Lie”

    One day the International Dissident(Denialist) movement must set up shop on Washington…”I have a dream”…MLK Hundreds and Thousands of People all over the world March on to end this Deceptive $camdemic once and for all.

    The Largest International HIVAIDS Dissident AIDS Conference will ever see..


    This perhaps, is the greatest reason that the dissidents and dissident scientists are becoming ever more vocal, and why the orthodoxy itself is becoming so afraid of them that the orthodoxy themselves are now coming to the media to plead their case that they are the pure of heart good guys and it is all those evil rascist and homophobic dissidents who must be stopped and ignored.

    I am not sure why James generalized HIV dissidents as Homophobic and Racist because dissidents are all over the world.. however there seems to be a trend in the gay community much like that Old School Jim Jones Cult and John Moore is the Jim Jones of the gay community and Africa.

    the Economic Powers of the HIV Industry will continue to control the media,the funding, and everything else they can get their greedy hands on just ask Fauci”Lets not talk about the cure” Let’s make more Poisons!

    This is why they dont want an honest Scientific forum to end this debate once and for all ..
    H ysteric I atrogenic V oodoo!

    We need a supreme strike in the USA the media will have no choice but to interview us and listen to the truth! Im there faster than you can say HIV!

  12. Fight AIDS Denialism – confront the orthodox “experts” and demand an explaination for the disclaimers on the antibody tests which state the fact :

    “There is no recognized standard for establishing the absence or presence of HIV-1 or HIV-2 in human blood”.

    It’s obvious who is lying here, and it isn’t the AIDS Dissidents.

  13. After hearing the outrageously contemptible assertions of thinly-but-effectively disguised Moore and Bergman I have so much to say I can’t even begin to say it.
    Obviously enough HIV dogmatists felt there was a need to crush out every ember of HIV/AIDS dissidence and, as always, do so with ad hominem arguments and their own portraiture of “AIDS Denialists” as evil, ignorant or somehow delusional within some psychiatric framework.
    These two are pure Madison Ave.-designed, Hollywood-rehearsed P. R. Reps who take their “hobbies” very seriously.
    What’s most bizarre about this is their posturing as guardians of the public health of the world and outstanding representatives of *the truth*. It ultimately comes off as something grotesquely similar to the extraordinarily wealthy railing that they are the most grievously embattled minority.
    Long ago I learned never to use the phrase, “too absurd to be true” and this is just one more reminder — as if I needed one — never to do so.

  14. this is a comment and request to all the AIDS “denialists” who have been posting here.

    i’ve been pushing john to bring on the other side (your side). what you have done in the comments above is say how stupid the AIDS “truth” people are. what you have not done is articulate your thoughts on AIDS – where it comes from, what we know about it, who is doing interesting research, etc.

    my personal confusion in trying to understand what you are saying, as someone who doesn’t know AIDS all that well is as follows:

    what legitimate “aids denialists” are saying is that 1. we’re not homophobic or racist. 2. we believe AIDS exists and is awful. 3. we believe HIV exists. 4. we just don’t think HIV is the cause of AIDS, something else is. is that accurate??

    it would be interesting for a layman like me to have someone like you articulate the argument and talk about what we do know about AIDS, what some other prospective causes are, why NO ONE is researching them (or who is), etc. for example, if i were a pharma company that didn’t have one of the leading HIV drugs, i would have every incentive to explore other causes of AIDS because i have nothing to lose (no cannibalisation).

    i also understand that the strategy of the AIDS “truth” people is to ignore the AIDS “denialists” and to not engage them in debate or dialogue. is that true?

    what is Christine Maggiore’s opinion that is referred to above??

    take care,

  15. Welcome to the totalitarian Theo-scientific fascist AIDS State, where the black, all-enveloping latex flag sways in the rancid air to the sound of the riding Valkyries, who are coming in for the kill, and announcing to the world; it’s business as usual.

    Are these not the ones raking in the $$$$$?
    No wonder they are so scared.

    This is a sham…a pathetic and laughable sham.


  16. These people are not the guardians of gaydom.

    How dare they accuse anyone of homophobia to defend their personal interests? As a gay man I accuse them of homophobia. They are the ones advocationg hate towards gay people like me, who can prove they are liars.

  17. I have to say I was fairly appalled by the interview with the creators of the ironically named ‘AIDStruth’ website – of course, that’s just my opinion, but at the same time I hope you give equal airtime to AIDS ‘denialists’ such as Christine Maggiore. Personally, I could drive a coach and horses through the claims of the AIDS orthodoxy presented in this video, fully documented. For example, were you aware that Robert Gallo’s claims to have shown a link between HIV and AIDS were using samples that were shown to have NO HIV in them? For them to claim they didn’t know that, or to ignore it is pretty unforgivable given their professional position. I can also point out that the pretty pictures they showed looked like cultures to me, not a retrovirus that has been isolated to the point where its constituent proteins and RNA can be characterised. I think you’ll find that has never been done, and the cell cultures they showed can be produced from just about anybody if you take the right cells and treat them appropriately – by appropriately, I mean placing the cells in a biologically and chemically torturous environment that causes normal cells to produce particles that virologists like to claim as retroviruses.

  18. Hello Peter. Just checked back today and noticed your post.

    You can email me at mgeiger [AT] if you would like further information. I would be glad to share my views with John, and of course, I realize the difficulty and perhaps even caution, that he himself most likely faces in now dealing with these issues.

    Peter, You asked that some of us articulate some of our own beliefs, and the following is from my own experience as a gay man in the affected communities in California since 1978. If you want analysis of the scientific aspects, there are probably more than 30 dissident books out there, but to me, the issue goes far beyond science. One can also look at the sociopolitical aspects, as well as the deeply emotional personal aspects. I will share a bit of all three aspects in the following:

    We all, and that includes those of you running this site, clearly know the following by now:

    The world of medicine and health is rife with vested interests – sometimes it is personal, some times it is cultural, and almost always it is financial.

    Perhaps you might consider how this well known fact applies to HIV/AIDS and all of the fast tracked HIV drugs that have been sped through with almost zero oversight due to the hype and hysteria and panic of the words “Global AIDS Epidemic”.

    And just to clue you in, on what it is you may think you know about HIV/AIDS, lets go back in history just a bit before the first gay men were noticed as being ill in LA in 1981:

    Perhaps you do not recall the years just before AIDS. Anita Bryant began to rouse the heterosexual community in her rants against gays. Millions supported her. Shortly thereafter, Billy Graham and Jerry Falwell and the entire “moral majority” joined in. By the late 70’s, the hatred for homos was picking up a lot of steam. College students were wearing shirts saying “kill a queer” and “bury a fairy”. There was even a movement to instill the death penalty for homosexuals that gained a lot of backers.

    Well, as a gay man, I, and every other young gay, got the message quite clearly. I was seen by the hetero majority as less than, and as a thing to be despised. Many gays came from these homophobic families. And many thousands were disowned by their families for simply being gay. And these men suffered extreme emotional problems. Depression, drug and sex addiction to escape from the emotional pain and depression of anxiety, self loathing, shame, guilt, and fear. Drugs and sex and more drugs to escape the painful feelings of being gay in a world that hated gays. Followed by std’s and lots of antibiotics.

    Eventually a lot of these gays sickened physically. Not from HIV, but from the result of intense emotional stress and from depression, and drug addiction, poor diets, and antibiotics overuse, shame, guilt, and fear, and most of all from the broken hearts suffered by many many thousands who found themselves rejected by their own families, friends, churches, and society. Many thousands even eventually had serious death wishes from all of the stress.

    And of course, the greatest stressor of ALL is the diagnosis of HIV or AIDS in and of itself. The very diagnosis is so stressful that many of the diagnosed needed to be carried out of the doctors office upon receiving this death hex of a diagnosis. The intense panic and fear and neverending hysteria that many are subjected to in such a diagnosis, puts their bodies immediately into a state of greatly lowered immune function due to the stress and panic alone.

    So hopefully, now you can clearly see what the actual origin of illnesses called AIDS are. It is not a single entity cause, but very multifactorial. One thing for certain: It is stress. Here in Gay America, it is often internalized homophobia and even often a desire for self destruction. A lot of gays are still contending with homophobic families, or their own internalized homophobia etc. It is the physical result of stress causing the lowering of the function of the thymus gland which oversees immune function.

    But what about Africa?

    In Africa, the population has doubled every 25 years since 1950. It doubled from 1950 to 1975, and doubled again right through the AIDS “epidemic”. The population explosion in these undeveloped countries is LETHAL. There are vast slums where millions live in hopeless and helpless poverty. Poor nutrition, dirty water, poor hygiene, and lives of perceived hopelessness and helplessness. The leading cause of death is Tuberculosis, which is 80 percent of reportable illness in Mbeki’s South Africa. It is the leading cause of death for the last 50 years. TB is also WELL KNOWN and PROVEN to cause HIV tests to show positive.

    Furthermore, in Africa only a single Elisa test is given to diagnose HIV. This alone would get an American doctor disbarred from practicing medicine were he to apply this standard to Americans. That is not to say the other HIV tests are accurate, because they are not. There are more than 60 factors that are known, and proven, and listed in science journals as causing false positives on ALL HIV tests. This, my friends, you are more than welcome to visit Africa to verify, is the reality of AIDS in Africa. It is a direct result of the stresses involved in living there in such helpless hopeless states of being as are commonly found affecting much of Africa.

    Mbeki knows this full well, even if ALL of America and All of the West choose to ignore it or remain uneducated and complacent over it. However, even if the entire world goes on ignoring it, their ignorance does NOT change the facts.

    Dr. Henry Bauer has just written a NEW BOOK, that just came out about four months ago, titled “The Origins, Persistence, and FAILINGS of HIV/AIDS”.

    Undoubtedly Mbeki has read this one as well as some of the other 30 books that have been written by scientists, including Peter Duesberg, Nobel Laureate Kary Mullis and Mathematicians Serge Lang and Rebecca Culshaw, and many other books as well, showing over and over and over that the belief that HIV is the cause of AIDS is simply wrong.

    Mbeki is the ONLY leader of state to have ever fully educated himself on both sides of the issue. His Director of Health is the ONLY national health department director to have educated herself fully on both sides of the issue. In 2000, he invited both sides to present their best interest, and at that time, the Health Department Director Msimang was a fervent believer in HIV as causing AIDS. She attended all of the talks, read all of the papers, and two weeks later was dancing the Pata Pata with the dissidents!

    And while everyone in the world is quite welcome to remain ignorant of the dissident evidence, and all are quite welcome to believe anything they like, that does not mean that these very educated people and leaders of state and scientists and doctors, who have NO conflicts of interest, and who are now dissidents, are wrong. These people have all deeply investigated the issues and upon doing so have ALL found that they happen to believe other than what the masses, and conflict of interest ridden scientists believe.

    I am a gay man. I have been out in the gay community since 1978. I know the American AIDS affected. I know what they died from. It was not from HIV. And for your information sir, the vast majority of American AIDS deaths were from 1987 to 1995. The very same years of High Dosage AZT Monotherapy. Those taking this poison lived an average of 8 months to 1-1/2 years.

    Now you might tell me that the newer drugs are better. They are NOT BETTER sir. They simply kill more slowly. The leading cause of death in American HIV positives since AZT monotherapy ended in 95, has been liver failure directly related to those who take the more current drugs. Liver failure is NOT due to a virus, but due to toxins. This had been verified in 2002 by Dr. Amy Justice, of the Pittsburg Medical Center, who looked at 5,700 American HIV positive deaths to find out the leading cause of death. She found it to be LIVER FAILURE ever since the new drugs came out. She presented this at the 2002 Barcelona AIDS conference, and it was promptly ignored and swept under the table.

    Now who, upon looking at this, would not realize that the poisoning of more than 300,000 gay American men by AZT is newsworthy or of any importance? Even if they themselves were in such states of panic that they themselves demanded the toxic drugs.

    And you wonder why Mbeki did NOT WANT his people taking it? Surely you can clearly understand, unless of course one would like to see the uneducated blacks in Africa taking this poison?

    And even so, at this point we cannot simply take the drugs away from those who are convinced they need them to survive. If we did, they would soon be in states of immune compromising fear and panic again. So certainly this issue has to be handled very carefully and tactfully, especially as many of the affected who are clued into the dissident views without being very educated about it all, are being torn in two very opposite directions over the issues at hand.

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