New Cancer Medication

ZIOPHARM Oncology, Inc. (NASDAQ: ZIOP) is a biopharmaceutical company engaged in the development and commercialization of a diverse, risk-sensitive portfolio of in-licensed cancer drugs to address unmet medical needs. The company’s focused strategy is to apply new insights from molecular biology to already validated cancer-fighting medications with the objective of developing safer and more effective oncology treatments.

ZIOPHARM has a portfolio of three compounds in development with a combined North American market potential of over $2 billion. The three compounds are: ZIO-101 (darinaparsin), a new class of organic arsenic (in Phase II for treatment of advanced myeloma, leukemias, and liver cancer); ZIO-201
(isophosphoramide mustard or IPM), a proprietary metabolite derivative of ifosfamide (in Phase II for treatment of sarcoma); and ZIO-301 (indibulin), a novel anti-cancer agent called a tubulin inhibitor that prevents cancer cells from dividing (in Phase I).

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