House Calls – Jay Parksinson

Bill Crounse, Microsoft’s Health Care Industry Director, interviewed Jay Parkinson, MD, who has started a new practice that services patients entirely through the Internet and house calls. Jay has no office of his own. He targets young urban professionals, artists and freelancers within NYC. Most of these people are web savvy and uninsured.

A form on the web site guides patients towards trying to make a diagnosis so that when Jay leaves for a house call he can have the appropriate tools and medicine with him. Because his costs are so low, Jay can pass on the savings to his patients. Essentially, Jay acts as a first line of defense for the health care industry to help guide patients towards a healthy resolution to what ails them. Jay often guides patients towards other providers within the health care system.

Most of Jay’s patients are uninsured. Jay acts, on their behalf, as a patient advocate and health financial consultant. He spends a lot of time finding the best value for a variety of services a patient might need beyond his core services. Jay can then refer patients to those providers that offer good service for a good price. For example, in Manhattan the price of a chest x-ray ranges from $50 to $350. Most patients are unaware of this discrepancy. Without Jay’s help, many would be paying more than what they need to pay for a variety of services.

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