Connecting health issues online: John De Souza

For some companies the hoopla about how people are using the Internet to connect with others about health is old news. MedHelp, founded in 1994, is one of them. Born way before the first dotcom crash, MedHelp has been connecting consumers with healthcare providers for nearly 15 years. In this episode, we chat with John De Souza, CEO of Med Help about the Internet and being an online old-timer.

The Digital Health Revolution is a biweekly WebTV show featuring the people who are using and making the digital technologies that are reshaping health around the world. Join host Fard Johnmar every two weeks to explore the people and technologies reshaping healthcare.

ScribeMedia is a convergent media company that helps organizations in health care, media, technology, and cleantech develop and execute new media strategies. ScribeMedia develops Web-based software applications such as social media platforms, live video webcasting tools, e-learning applications, and contest web sites. ScribeMedia produces media such as concerts, conferences, documentaries, TV and WebTV shows. ScribeMedia helps customers reach their target audience in new and engaging ways.

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