The User Experience with Health 2.0: Doctors and Patients

About These Videos

Health 2.0 commissioned ScribeMedia.Org to interview doctors and patients about how they use Web 2.0 technologies to treat and manage various illnesses and conditions. These videos premiered at this week’s Health 2.0 conference in San Diego.

Future Videos

We plan on continuing this video series and explore the intersection between technology and healthcare. Please contact us if your company would like to sponsor us so we can continue to produce doctor and patient documentaries, or if you can recommend interesting doctors and patients to feature.

For the Internet and technology literate, there is Web 2.0. For all of us, there is Health. What happens when you combine the two? You get Health 2.0…naturally. Increasingly, Patients and Doctors are using Web technologies to diagnose, treat and manage diseases and conditions.

In today’s world, with healthcare being a huge issue for practically everyone, the health care industry has had to struggle to find new ways of keeping up with patients, diseases, charts, and doctor-patient communication. As for the patients, regular people like you and me, we have all become much more educated about our own health, taking matters into our own hands to make sure we get proper care and treatment. One of the ways we do this is by using technology.

Just last week I was asked to fill out an electronic questionnaire online that would be submitted to my doctor before I actually saw her. I’m sure this is as useful to her as it is to me. No more having to verbally stumble and stamper when trying to explain my symptoms. No more wasting time in a waiting room filling out paper work until my hand feels like it’s about to fall off. With a simple 20-minute online questionnaire, I was able to document and submit all of my medical history, current symptoms, and reason for my visit.

As part of the Health 2.0 Conference, held in San Diego, March 3-4, 2008, we interviewed 3 doctors and 3 patients who all use technology to diagnose, treat and manage diseases and conditions. These videos were played at the conference in front of hundreds of leaders in the Health 2.0 space and are now available to watch online.

The Line-Up

Doctor 2.0: Dr. Jay Parkinson walks us around Brooklyn and discusses his Web-centric practice.

On-Call, and Online: Dr. Jordan Schlain of San Francisco’s On Call Medical Group discusses their use of communications technology in the field.

Managing Pain, Managing Expectations: Shiri Sandler discusses how she uses the Web site Relief in Site to manage the chronic pain associated with Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy.

A Second Change in Second Life: Alice Krueger discusses the Heron Sanctuary, a Second Life island she founded for for the disabled.

Patient 2.0: I’m Too Young for This founder Matthew Zachary talks about the online community he founded for young people with cancer.

Our goal is to continue to feature patients and doctors around the country (and even the world) who are using innovative tools and technologies. We view this 6 part video series as the beginning of the conversation. If you would like to help out as a sponsor of future documentaries, or if you know a doctor or patient who is using Web technologies in innovative ways, please contact us.

Heather Freudenthal is an Associate Producer at ScribeMedia.Org.



3 thoughts on “The User Experience with Health 2.0: Doctors and Patients

  1. This is a great video highlighting the health insurance crisis and other issues facing patients in the health 2.0 era. patients should be able to rate their experience with their insurance companies just as they have the ability for doctor ratings.

  2. Your new docuvideos are the cat’s meow! I just loved them – I compulsively watched one after another and will share them widely with friends and colleagues. I learned a lot and was inspired. Terrific stuff!

  3. Hi, I’m visiting this site for the first time. I’m thrilled by the content.
    Now what opportunities does this e-health programme has for clinicians? Will there be no massive job loss in health industry?

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